Our Web hosting is in The Cloud – How Does It Work

When we talk of cloud computing, we are talking about internet based processing where computer infrastructure, software applications, business processes and collaboration and information capabilities are delivered to computers and other devices like smartphones and tablets on demand over the net.  It is the latest buzz world in the computing world. It is the next phase in the internet evolution.

Familiar Cloud Computing Services

How cloud computing works  when web hosting  and on the web in our daily world are amazing. If you use email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, or Facebook, then you are already using cloud computing services. Your email Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash and Contacts files are hosted on the provider’s computer server.  If you are also on Messenger and Google Dropbox, you are also taking advantage of instant messaging or blogging feature which is also a cloud based service that makes communicating with friends, family and business associates easy and efficient.  Using Skype to make video calls or hold video conferences, this is another cloud based service that reduces costs and makes efficient use of our time. Also Check out here The Algorithms of Webhosting.

SaaS – Software as a service – How Cloud Computing Works

When it comes to SaaS, it is worth noting that it has been around for quite a while and it is technically more or less a form of cloud computing. It is also evolving into some pretty interesting opportunity for users on both personal and business levels. Public email is an example of how Saas as a cloud computing deployment platform works. Microsoft Office Live, Office 365 and Google docs are the evolved morphing of SaaS. These cloud services give us instant access to powerful document creation and management tools that are always available regardless of geography. This is the ultimate capability of evolution in mobility and productivity.

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Cloud and Hostgator Services on Saas

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