Characteristic of Website on a Cloud

How does cloud computing work? Before embarking on using cloud when web hosting,  a cloud service provider has to be searched for. Whether the cloud is public or private, or hybrid, scalability, access, interface and usage model. This is what to look for.

  • The cloud being elastic, resource allocation can get bigger or smaller depending on demand. Elasticity enables scalability, which means that the cloud can scale upward for peak demand and downward for lighter demand. Scalability also refers to the application being able to scale when adding users and when application requirement changes.
  • Self service access. Clients of the cloud service should be able to access the service without much of a hustle. They only need to request a specific amount of computing, software or storage from the service provider. After using the resources, automatically shut down by disconnecting from the internet.
  • General User Interface. These services should have standardized interfaces, which provides instructions on how to apply, or data sources can communicate with each other. A standard interface lets customer more easily link cloud services together.
  • Free or service uses metering. There are a number of free cloud services and some are on a pay as you go model or monthly/ annual subscription. 

Span of Capabilities and Risks of Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud needs one to be vigilant about risks risks such as security, manageability, standards, governance and compliance:

  • Security of the cloud. The same security that apply to on-site computing should definitely apply to cloud computing like personal identification management to access any computer network associated resource.
  • Cloud manageability. This is the ability to have a consistent view and management capabilities across physical and cloud based environments
  • Cloud standards. This ensures inter-functionality so you can take tools, applications, virtual images, and use them in another cloud environment seamlessly.
  • Cloud governance. The government identifies responsibility for the policies and procedures that need to be followed. Cloud governance requires governing owned infrastructure and infrastructure not owned as well.
  • Data in the cloud. How cloud computing works on data requires security and privacy, including controls for moving data. It also includes managing data storage and the resources for large scale data processing.

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