Our Web hosting is in The Cloud – How Does It Work

When we talk of cloud computing, we are talking about internet based processing where computer infrastructure, software applications, business processes and collaboration and information capabilities are delivered to computers and other devices like smartphones and tablets on demand over the net.  It is the latest buzz world in the computing world. It is the next phase in the internet evolution.

Familiar Cloud Computing Services

How cloud computing works  when web hosting  and on the web in our daily world are amazing. If you use email services like Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, or Facebook, then you are already using cloud computing services. Your email Inbox, Sent, Spam, Trash and Contacts files are hosted on the provider’s computer server.  If you are also on Messenger and Google Dropbox, you are also taking advantage of instant messaging or blogging feature which is also a cloud based service that makes communicating with friends, family and business associates easy and efficient.  Using Skype to make video calls or hold video conferences, this is another cloud based service that reduces costs and makes efficient use of our time.

SaaS – Software as a service – How Cloud Computing Works

When it comes to SaaS, it is worth noting that it has been around for quite a while and it is technically more or less a form of cloud computing. It is also evolving into some pretty interesting opportunity for users on both personal and business levels. Public email is an example of how Saas as a cloud computing deployment platform works. Microsoft Office Live, Office 365 and Google docs are the evolved morphing of SaaS. These cloud services give us instant access to powerful document creation and management tools that are always available regardless of geography. This is the ultimate capability of evolution in mobility and productivity.

Cloud and Hostgator Services on Saas

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The Algorithms of Webhosting

Web hosting on Cloud is an emerging technology in distributed computing which facilitates pay per model as per user demand and requirements. It consists of a collection of virtual machines which include both computational and storage facility. The primary aim of web hosting on the cloud is to provide efficient access to remote and geographically distributed resources. Cloud is developing day by day and faces many challenges, one of them in scheduling. This refers to a set of policies to control the order of work to be performed by a computer system. A good scheduler adapts its scheduling according to the changing environment and type of task at hand.

Deployment Methods Offered by webhosting on the Cloud

This includes private cloud, community cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. Private cloud infrastructure is operated solely for an organization and it may be managed by the organization or a third party and may exist on premises or off premises. Community cloud infrastructure is shared by several organizations and supports a specific community that has shared concerns, e.g., mission, security requirements, policy and compliance consideration. It may be managed by the organization or third party and may exist on premise or off premise. Public cloud infrastructure is made available to the general public or a large industry group and is owned by an organization selling cloud services. Hybrid cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more clouds that remain unique entities, but are bound together by standardized or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability.

Scheduling Tasks with Shared Hosting

Cloud computing comes in focus development of grid computing, virtualization and web technologies. Web hosting on the cloud is an internet based computing that delivers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). When it comes to SaaS, software is provided by the cloud provider. In PaaS an application development platform is provided as a service to the developer to create a web based application. In IaaS, computing infrastructure is provided as a service to the requester in the form of Virtual machine (VM). These are services which are provided on a pay as you use basis – via subscription.

There are scenarios when ASP.Net wants to execute tasks some codes on a regular basis. Like creating reports every day, sending reminder emails. Keeping a website alive by calling dummy pages after some few minutes  and backing up data. ASP.NET  has no straightforward  and reliable solution for tasks of this sort. Scheduling such tasks using ASP.NET by simulating could work well with and make such tasks simpler. Get the service of Hostgator.net through buying their Hostgator coupons and enjoy VIP services on VPS hosting, and web hosting. The Hostgator.com have been in the business of webhosting for so long a time that they have become the best in service provision for the same. They have dedicated servers which they use to host your website and they will offer any reseller hosting service that you might need.…

Method of Scheduling on The Web

Resource allocation and scheduling of resources are an important aspect that affects the performance of how web hosting works, parallel distributed computing and cloud networking in general. There are various algorithms for allocating, scheduling and scaling the resources efficiently in the cloud. The scheduling process in the cloud is normally split into three categories: resource discovering and filtering, resource selection, and task submission. Three main scheduling algorithms are: first come, first serve, round robin scheduling and new scheduling approach.

First Come First Serve Scheduling Algorithm in Web hosting

First come, first served (FCFS) is best for parallel processing and it is aimed at resources with smallest waiting queue time. It targets the incoming task. The allocation of VM to host the cloud target is the responsibility of the virtual machine provisioned component. The disadvantage of this method is it is non preemptive thus the shortest task which are at the back of the queue have to wait for the long task at the front to finish. Its turnaround and response is quite slow.

Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm in Web hosting

This is a c program that is used for scheduling purposes. It is used to allocate the fixed amount of time each process takes and with it, comes the an improvement of CPU performance in a real time operating system. It is based on the integration of round robin and priority scheduling algorithm. It retains the advantage of round robin in reducing starvation and integrates priority scheduling. The concept of aging by assigning new priorities in the process is used.

This one focuses on fairness. It uses the ring as its queue to store jobs. The advantage of this method is that each job will be executed in turn, and they don’t have to be waited for the previous one to get completed, but if the load is heavy RR will take a longer time to complete it. The largest jobs take enough time for completion, thus disadvantaging the small jobs.

Generalized Priority Algorithm in Web Hosting

The priority has to be defined by the customer i.e. bandwidth,size, memory. Jobs are prioritized according to their size, thus one with the highest size is ranked first. The key factor for prioritizing task is the size. It is better than the FCFS and RR.


Scheduling is one of the most important tasks that shows how web hosting works. There are various scheduling algorithms which efficiently schedules the computational tasks in a cloud environment. To get the best results, consult Hostgrator.com, who are the pioneers in service provision of the best west hosting services. Buy their hostgator coupon code to reduce on the cost of web hosting for your business. Priority is an important issue of job scheduling in a cloud environment. Get the right deployment model for your organization and do the scheduling according to the requirements in the business. There is no one standard scheduling method that is good for all businesses, each business has its own appropriate schedule.…

Characteristic of Website on a Cloud

How does cloud computing work? Before embarking on using cloud when web hosting,  a cloud service provider has to be searched for. Whether the cloud is public or private, or hybrid, scalability, access, interface and usage model. This is what to look for.

  • The cloud being elastic, resource allocation can get bigger or smaller depending on demand. Elasticity enables scalability, which means that the cloud can scale upward for peak demand and downward for lighter demand. Scalability also refers to the application being able to scale when adding users and when application requirement changes.
  • Self service access. Clients of the cloud service should be able to access the service without much of a hustle. They only need to request a specific amount of computing, software or storage from the service provider. After using the resources, automatically shut down by disconnecting from the internet.
  • General User Interface. These services should have standardized interfaces, which provides instructions on how to apply, or data sources can communicate with each other. A standard interface lets customer more easily link cloud services together.
  • Free or service uses metering. There are a number of free cloud services and some are on a pay as you go model or monthly/ annual subscription. 

Span of Capabilities and Risks of Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud needs one to be vigilant about risks risks such as security, manageability, standards, governance and compliance:

  • Security of the cloud. The same security that apply to on-site computing should definitely apply to cloud computing like personal identification management to access any computer network associated resource.
  • Cloud manageability. This is the ability to have a consistent view and management capabilities across physical and cloud based environments
  • Cloud standards. This ensures inter-functionality so you can take tools, applications, virtual images, and use them in another cloud environment seamlessly.
  • Cloud governance. The government identifies responsibility for the policies and procedures that need to be followed. Cloud governance requires governing owned infrastructure and infrastructure not owned as well.
  • Data in the cloud. How cloud computing works on data requires security and privacy, including controls for moving data. It also includes managing data storage and the resources for large scale data processing.


Cloud computing when used reduces cost where ever possible.  Reduce costs further by using Hostgator coupons from hostgator.com, the leaders in web hosting services. They command this market and it will be wise if you engaged their services when going on board the cloud with your website. You will get cost reduction and high quality services to topple it up. Public or private cloud computing solutions are worth investing. Broadly speaking, cloud computing can benefit business by; low upfront investment, dynamic scalability, enrich experience across PCs, phones and browsers; rapid deployment, distributed disaster recovery scenarios; and reputation based technologies. This is more so if you use public or private based cloud computing. IT costs will reduce tremendously  and leave the business growing. Cost saving especially due to the pay as you go billing is a notable advantage of this system.…

How to clean a garbage disposal

The words, “how to clean a garbage disposal” may sound like a tiring chore but it’s one chore you need to do if you want your kitchen to keep smelling fresh and your drain to work properly. Besides, as a big a task as it may seem, it’s not really that huge once you start doing it and practicing it regularly. Here are some tips on how to do this so as to help your device be in good shape.

1. Cleaning and Clearing your Garbage Disposal

When it comes to cleaning your garbage disposal, the golden rule is safety should always come first. So with that in mind, make sure that you turn off the power of your garbage disposal so that there would be zero chances for it to be turned on while you’re in the middle of your cleanup.

Mostly made of a metal cylinder with rotating impellers, new garbage disposal units also feature grinders on the sides or bottom of the metal cylinder that grinds down the food waste thrown into the machine. Either way though, it’s inevitable that a disposal’s interior can easily get covered with sludge and debris.

Even if you take pains in ensuring its protection, items that are not fit for disposing can still get into your drain. Some of these are glass, metal, rubber, large bones or very fibrous foods like corn husks, peach pits and artichoke leaves, all of which, need to be manually removed from your disposal before proceeding with the next steps of the cleaning process.

For removing stuck items that can’t be disposed, you can use tongs or pliers. If you can’t see, you can use the flashlight for better vision. As much as possible, don’t ever stick your hands inside the disposer to avoid any accidents but should this be unavoidable, double check that the power of your disposer is indeed turned off.

2. Cleaning Your Disposal by Flushing Water

A simple flushing with water can already help in taking out loose dirt or grime from your best garbage disposal. To do so, use its stopper, squirt some dish soap in and then run the hot water until there’s about 2-4 inches of water in the sink. Then, pull out the plug, turn the garbage disposal on and allow the water to be flushed away.

Take note that what’s indicated is HOT water, not cold. That’s because hot water helps to liquefy oil or grease in the drain; thereby allowing it to be flushed away. Moreover, using this flushing method for your drain is more effective compared to simply running tap water over it because it enables the whole garbage disposal to be rinsed out and purged of build-up in debris.

3. Cleaning Out Elements of Grinding with the Use of Ice and Rock Salt

Do you know that just 2 cups of ice cubes and a cup of rock salt can do wonders in eliminating malodor from garbage disposals? Just fill your garbage disposal with ice cubes and then pour salt over it. Let cold water run over it and then turn the garbage disposal on for about five to ten seconds.

So what’s in ice cubes and rock salt that produces such an effect? Their combination helps to take sludge and debris off the grinding components so that they can be flushed out in your drain. In case you have no rock salt, a cup of vinegar works well as a substitute.

4. Using a Scrub Brush or Old Toothbrush for Brushing

Another method of manual cleaning for the interior of your garbage disposal is the use of an old toothbrush or scrub brush that’s specifically made for garbage disposals. For easier seeing while you do your cleaning, it’s best to remove the screen from the drain’s top first.

5. Clearing your Drain Line

If you want to a good maintenance method of cleaning your garbage disposal, you need to periodically purge the drain line leading from the garbage disposal. Likewise, the line should also be purged once the sludge and debris have been removed as this sees to it that all food waste that have been dislodged will go down your drain.

To do this, plug your drain, fill your sink with 2-4 inches of water and then remove the drain plug and turn the garbage disposal on. What happens is all of the water that’s been collected will get pulled through the line. This clearing of drain line is especially necessary if you are disposing fibrous foods as this will ensure that all food particles will make their way down your drain.

6. Eliminating Odors with any of these Methods

a. Baking Soda and Vinegar

These two items are always found in your kitchen but do you know that they make a surefire odor-busting combination? Sprinkle a half cup of baking soda into the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar. You will note that the mixture will start to fizzle and bubble. Leave it for five to 10 minutes then rinse down with boiling water, while the garbage disposal is turned on.

b. Bleach

As we are mostly aware of, bleach makes a good agent in killing germs and will do good in freshening your drain but do keep in mind that you shouldn’t use too much of it because it can also harden grease within your garbage disposal; thereby making it hard to remove.

So to do this, dilute a tablespoon of liquid chlorine bleach in a gallon of water and pour it slowly into your disposal. Leave the bleach for one to two minutes and then turn the hot tap water on and leave it running until the bleach is flushed away.

c. Borax

Another safe and natural product that has been proven to be effective in cleaning disposals and minimizing malodor is the use of Borax. Just put three or four tablespoons of this cleaning agent into the garbage disposal and leave it for one hour. After which, flush it away with boiling water.

d. Fruit Peels

Once you’re done clearing and cleaning your garbage disposal, it would be a really good idea to use fruit peels from oranges, lemons, limes or grapes to give a refreshing scent to your sink. Just place a handful of peels of any of these fruits, run cold water and then turn the garbage disposal on. The active ingredient, citric acid in the fruits, acts as a deodorizer and give a refreshing scent to your kitchen.

7. Maintaining your Garbage Disposal

a. Putting In Only Biodegradable Foods

Bear in mind that your garbage disposal is nothing like a trash can so you can’t throw in anything you please at it. To do away with damage and minimize time spent on cleaning, feed it with only biodegradable food scraps. Here are the items that are a complete no-no for disposals:

  • Fibrous food that could get tangled in the device like corn husks, artichokes, celery stalks and onion skins.
  • Starchy food items, such as potato peels, that may form thick pastes that could make the blades stick.
  • Expandable food items, like rice and pasta, which could expand from the water and as a result, clog the drains. Note that coffee grinds does the same effect of clogging.
  • However, you can grind up food items like egg shells, little fruit pits and small chicken and fish bones as these can all help in cleaning the garbage disposal.

b. Running your Garbage Disposal Longer with Every Use

If you notice that the grinding noises of your disposal has stopped, don’t turn it off just yet. leave it on with running water for some seconds to give time for other small particles in the disposal to be cleared away.

c. Avoiding Grease by All Means

Grease shouldn’t be poured into your garbage disposal because it can accumulate and slow down the motor; hence, making the drain clog. To do this, make sure to wipe off as much grease as you can from pots and pans with a paper towel before rinsing.

d. Cutting Large Food Items to Little Bits

It’s plain logic that if you cut large pieces of food into smaller pieces, you can help much in preventing much food from getting stuck into your garbage disposal. This is especially true for fruits and vegetables that may be hard to process for your device.

One More Wise Tip!

If you happen to be leaving your house or going out of town for a few days, it would be a prudent move to clean your garbage disposal before embarking on your trip because having a dirty garbage disposal left alone for sometime makes a good breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.


And there you have it… a helpful guide on how to clean a garbage disposal. As you may now realize, it’s not really that hard to do right? And it’s really just a matter of starting to do the chore that you deem as tedious. Once you have it down pat, it gets easier until it becomes a routinary part of your kitchen keeping and maintenance.…